VaporFi Review

vaporfi logoVaporFi Electronic Cigarettes starter kits are specifically designed for the young, hip consumer with a routine that begs for something different! These starter kits have everything you need all in one package, so there is less hassle trying to buy everything separately. It also costs less by bunching everything together. The chart further down the page demonstrates just how much money you can save!

E-Liquid: What exactly is It?

VaporFi custom E-liquid is basically nicotine, an assortment of flavorings used in food products, and a propylene glycol base, a chemical typically found in products such as inhalers, various foods, toothpaste, and fog machines. If you wish to have no nicotine, zero strength E-liquid is also available. Additional components of E-liquid include flavorings found in various baked goods and fresh produce. All of the products provide the perfect flavor and give the smoker an even smoke with sufficient smoke vapor. This tested, proven formula has been loved by over 2 and a half million e-cigarette consumers across the globe!

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Unlimited Free Shipping with VaporFi: All Day Every Day!

  • The electronic cigarette brand most popular in the United States, VaporFi and its related sister product, Vapor Couture, have been happy to announce their recent decision to provide everyday free shipping to all e-cig online stores at an everyday flat rate!
  • That’s right- lovers of both VaporFi and Vapor Couture may have their electronic cigarettes shipped to them at no cost at all.
  • While other electronic cigarettes only offer free shipping on huge, company-sized orders, VaporFi has absolutely no minimum order size, and it also does not require a minimum amount of money spent to qualify for free shipping. However, free shipping can only be guaranteed to addresses in America. Whether you choose to buy your most preferred VaporFi Flavor Cartridge or collect your favorite Platinum E-Liquids and VaporFi accessories, you will never have to worry about paying for shipping on your favorite brand of electronic cigarettes when you choose flat-rate.


How To Use Your New VaporFi E-Cig

VaporFi has quickly developed from a small, novel company to a well-known leader in a booming market. It has become the gold standard in the industry for its customer service, and its willingness to provide free shipping to all its customers is just another testament to this sentiment. In just 2 short years, VaporFi E-Cigs have experienced the largest increase in profits and revenues of any electronic cigarette brand existing on the market. As a result of this, VaporFi has swiftly become the largest e-cig retailer available online and is easily the popular choice for the typical American e-cigarette consumer in a market that is seeing increasing interest and curiosity.

vaporfi batteryYet another distinction that separates VaporFi from other electronic cigarette brands on the market is their encouragement and permission to customers to use coupons online. These promotional codes, along with clearance priced products, can result in unbelievable savings for the customers- sometimes more than 35%! VaporFi values rewarding its customers with special promotions and deals in order to demonstrate how much each and every customer means to the company. VaporFi, Vapor Couture, and related brand, Vantage Vapor, tower over their competitors in the electronic cigarette industry for offering the best deals on merchandise and products. They also lead in not limiting the amount that can be saved on their products. VaporFi Cig puts emphasis on customer experience in having an overall easy and enjoyable time, and also the ability of customers to customize their order in different ways. These different ways include highlighting VaporFi passion for flexibility and letting the customers make the final decision. Whether it is free shipping, the use of coupons, or order customization to fit consumer needs, VaporFi electronic cigarettes clearly demonstrate that they are the brand to beat in terms of customer experience and price.

For circumstances that require a swift shipment, VaporFi is able to provide rushed deliveries thanks to their partnership with UPS, which has existed since 2012. VaporFi E-cigs is the only company to offer rushed deliveries. No matter what type of shipping you need or desire, you can count on VaporFi to provide your products safely and to your liking!

The astonishing quality and customer service of VaporFi E-Cigs recently earned them the #1 ranking for electronic cigarette websites, both in the US and around the world according to Yet again, VaporFi demonstrates their unwavering commitment to quality product and overall experience in ways that everyone can agree on. VaporFi has been proven as the leader in the electronic cigarette industry because of its quick expansion and customer-friendly business practices, allowing smokers to purchase an alternative to original cigarettes by providing a cheaper substitute that produces no smoke.


Information, Knowledge, and Use: VaporFi E-Cigarette Kits

The VaporFi electronic cigarette possesses the most recent and user-friendly dual piece e-cigarette system, which heavily draws from the Kr808d-1 specification of electronic cigarettes. The two elements of VaporFi are the Flavor Cartridge and the battery.

VaporFi patented Flavor Cartridges contain E-Liquid, a substance unique to VaporFi completely devised by the company. E-Liquid contains levels of propylene glycol, water, various flavorings, and will either contain nicotine or have a flavor substitute based on the preferences of the consumer, along with the type of Flavor Cartridge and its advertised strength. VaporFi Flavor Cartridges are manufactured with in-built heating coils, completely minimizing the need for maintenance. Our best advice is to visit the guru of electronic cigarette reviews on SmokeTastic and their VaporFi review, this is probably the most well know e cigarette review site, and they rank VaporFi very highly.


Additional E-Liquid Information

In order to maintain safety and promote visibility and accountability with its customer base, VaporFi is proud to be the only electronic cigarette company that tests each batch of E-Liquid and publishes the results of these batches online. In an easy-to-learn-and-use system, customers can use a unique number found on their product label to go online and see firsthand the quality of the E-Liquid they are about to partake in.

VaporFi Flavor Cartridges are designed to hold enough E-Liquid to create about 150-220 puffs of electronic cigarette for the customer. This number will vary based on the deepness of breath the customer uses on the puffs. One Flavor Cartridge can be essentially equated to one pack of conventional cigarettes in the amount of puffs a customer experiences normally.

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It is easy to tell when to consider disposing of a Flavor Cartridge; it is when the vapor resulting from a puff gradually weakens, accompanied by a distinct burnt aftertaste. At this point, the cartridge can be discarded unless the customer has purchased bottled E-Liquid. VaporFi makes it easier for consumers to enjoy their products by allowing cartridges to be refilled up to a maximum of 5 times. This distinguishes VaporFi from their competitors who make their cartridges difficult to refill deliberately. This is yet another example of VaporFi promotion of individual tastes and variability, and their ability to endorse and mold their customer’s creative use of their products to give them an independent feel.

The ability of VaporFi users to refill their Flavor Cartridge results in being able to save a huge amount of money. With the cost of a bottled E-Liquid refill usually being around $1.70, customers using this simple, user-friendly method can save up to 70% compared to what they would spend on conventional smoking methods.

Replacing your cartridge is extremely easy- just screw the old one off and screw one the new one! When you have begun to use down the battery in your VaporFi e-cig, it will be indicated by a blinking light on your battery. A typical VaporFi battery can last anywhere from 1 day to 1 week depending on the frequency with which one uses the e-cig, and also the length or depth of the puffs. When you need to recharge, simply put the battery on the Smart Charger and you’ll be ready to use your electronic cigarette again in 1 to 2 hours.

VaporFi Battery Usage: A Guide

1. How do I get the most vapors out of one VaporFi Automatic battery?

vaporfi battery and ecigIn order to get the thickest vapor from your VaporFi, you must prime your e-cigarette by dragging a few strong, short puffs rapidly and then taking a long, slow puff. This priming method will heat the E-Liquid in your Flavor Cartridge to the perfect temperature for consistent, thick puffs until you need a new cartridge.

2. What Flavors Should I Try?

The best gauge to use when selecting your first flavor strength is your previous cigarette usage and experience with nicotine. Novice and occasional smokers should begin with the light strengths, while heavy, experienced smokers may prefer full Flavor Cartridges. It is best to start at the bottom and work your way up to slowly progress to darker and more robust flavors, allowing your body to become accustomed to this new method of smoking. VaporFi Sampler Kits include a wide variety of flavors, allowing you to find the perfect strength for you.

3. How are Manual Batteries Different from Automatic Ones?

While standard VaporFi automatic batteries are activated by the puffing action of the user, manual batteries are more complicated in that they contain a small rubber button on the side of the e-cigarette. Many experienced electronic cigarette smokers prefer VaporFi manual batteries because of the ultimate level of precision that it offers to the user, allowing them to essentially control their own vapor thickness. A new user should experiment with both types of batteries in order to determine which type one feels more comfortable with. Automatic batteries are easier to use and are better suited for the more casual smoker who uses the electronic cigarette while performing other tasks at the same time. For those smokers that prefer to have maximum control and value vapor, however, the Manual Battery is the ideal battery to use. As you become more experienced, you will be able to develop your own smoking style and see which battery is ultimately better for that style. Regardless of which type of battery you prefer, VaporFi Batteries are available at 3 varied lengths, which come in 4 different colors. Customize your VaporFi E-cig battery today!

4. What quality does VaporFi Cig offer?

VaporFi delivers to their customers what a sophisticated knowledgeable consumer craves in the fast paced world of 2013: a level of quality and safety that can’t be matched, making VaporFi the leading e-cigarette brand on the market.


vaporfi kitVaporFi differs from other electronic cigarette brands in America in that their products are the most vertically integrated in the nation, resulting in the safest and most refined e-cigarettes on the market. While other e-cig brands merely control one sphere of the operation, such as marketing, VaporFi proudly handles areas such as engineering, quality control, and logistics in-house without outsourcing to other companies (like most other companies). It also creates a presence in all the manufacturing steps of their products.

VaporFi has been proven to be a quickly growing business. Its success and visibility in the market allows it to use business practices that focus on customer service, creating a fan base that will always come back for more because they feel that the company cares for them more than any other e-cig company ever could.

VaporFi prides itself in being able to have control in all areas of e-cigarette production. VaporFi completes all operations with its own employees, meaning that you can safely know you are enjoying the best quality and that your products aren’t being outsourced to people that don’t care about the product and service you are about to receive.

VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes are completely designed by VaporFi engineers based in California and Florida. Each and every VaporFi product is guaranteed to be assembled at a VaporFi assembly plant, with all subcomponents of VaporFi products coming from reliable, well-known suppliers that are extremely experienced in their specified areas. VaporFi unique E-Liquid is always being tested thoroughly by VaporFi at every stage and with every single batch in order to ensure that all VaporFi products exist at the highest safety and consistency levels.

The unique method of batch testing E-Liquid and posting results of this testing online is only one example of the unparalleled willingness of VaporFi to be accountable to its customer base and provide as much information as it can to its customers. Our website contains readily available information on all ingredients contained in E-Liquid in an easy-to-see PDF document. VaporFi strives to ensure that each product has clear, understandable labels, containing batch numbers so as to easily view online data as long as necessary. This data includes consumer information such as expiration dates on the E-Liquid.

VaporFi electronic cigarettes and accessories are tested for durability and consistency every day by VaporFi engineers, not only in our in-house control center located in Miami, Florida, but also on site in many international factories where our products are made and manufactured. Flavor Cartridges are tested by VaporFi Engineers regularly in order to ensure a consistent, high quality product for consumers. The tests we complete on our products include various temperature tests, cartomizer impedance and weight testing, and also revolutionary puff consistency tests. These tests help VaporFi to affirm that they are the leaders in quality electronic cigarettes.

VaporFi Flavor Cartridges are shipped in foil and sealed airtight in order to make sure that only the freshest products are reach the consumer. To avoid accidents, VaporFi E-Liquid comes in child-proof bottles in order to protect any small children in the house. In addition to everything we have already told you, VaporFi boasts a lifetime warranty on any and all electrical products that it sells.

Clearly, VaporFi are the electronic cigarettes to get on the market right now, and this is with good reason. VaporFi has set the bar for other companies trying to emulate their design by providing immaculate product design and durability, customer service, accountability, and consistency. VaporFi stand tall against other electronic cigarettes on the market as the fastest growing, highest quality products you can find. VaporFi is a brand that you can rely on for all of your electronic cigarette needs, hopes, and desires.

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